Allison Lorenzen, 'Chalk' : #NowPlaying Midwife's Madeline Johnston provides a low-end fuzz foundation to Allison Lorenzen's ascendant choir-like vocals.

Allison Lorenzen, 'Chalk'

Whited Sepulchre on YouTube

Denver's Allison Lorenzen has spent time making her way back from intertwined musical and romantic turmoil, and has built her first solo outing, Tender, out of the process. On "Chalk," the light and dark coexist — the remnants of what she's overcome still linger in the periphery. Twinkling droplets of piano keys glitter her ascendant choir-like vocals, bolstered with a low-end fuzz foundation from fellow Denverite Madeline Johnston (of "heaven-metal" outfit Midwife). At the song's conclusion, she looks outward to a new direction, an opportunity to start again: "How 'bout a second chance?"