DJ Python, 'Angel' : #NowPlaying Drown out the news cycle with an epic slice of bath-bomb techno.

DJ Python, 'Angel'

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Spa music gets a bad rap — understandably so. But that's more a result of the anonymous artists making it than the intent behind it. And while your Twitter timeline may suggest otherwise, there's nothing wrong with dialing it down a notch or two, especially 700-odd days into a global pandemic.

DJ Python – aka house producer Brian Pineyro – first elevated downtempo vibes to an art form in 2017 with his ambient take on reggaeton, Dulce Compañia, and does so again on his latest EP, Club Sentimientos Vol. 2. Pineyro's dropped a figurative bath bomb with "Angel," an 11-minute vacation from the news cycle. Pure Moods is the most populist antecedent, and Pineyro demonstrates a delicate dexterity as he weaves sounds in and out without disturbing our peace.