Kristin Hersh's 50 Foot Wave returns with headbanging 'Staring at the Sun' : #NowPlaying A gauzy, slow-motion headbanger that gives 50 Foot Wave's Kristin Hersh space to bare her teeth.

50 Foot Wave, 'Staring into the Sun'

Is Kristin Hersh a metalhead? "Staring into the Sun" is a gauzy, slow-motion headbanger from the forthcoming album Black Pearl, 50 Foot Wave's first material in six years. Formed in early 2000s, the group — comprised of Hersh on guitar along with fellow Throwing Muses member Bernard Georges on bass and drummer Rob Ahler — is a power trio that gives the poetic and stylistically voracious Hersch space to bare her teeth. Centered around a melancholy guitar figure akin to Warning's despairing doom metal and a seething sweetness similar to Deftones, "Staring into the Sun" swims in gloomy blunt-force beauty.