Lucky Daye's 'NWA' gives R&B something deeper : #NowPlaying We've never heard Lucky Daye in this lane, but he feels right at home on the third single from Candydrip.

Lucky Daye (feat. Lil Durk), 'NWA'


Lucky Daye has done enough since his debut album to prove it wasn't a fluke. The six-time Grammy nominee has been consistent with the output, gracing enough stages over the past three years to convert the oblivious to believers and properly set up his sophomore album. Enter "NWA," his third and final single before Candydrip arrives on March 10.

We've never heard Lucky in this lane, yet he feels right at home with the bounce. With his tour on the horizon, this is the type of jolt that the crowd will eat up in between the crooning. There's no updated acronym for the song title; Lucky describes it as another piece of his modern art and leaves the listener to determine the meaning. The lyrics, which allude to a run-in with the police, point to something much deeper than a typical R&B record: "Black-white like zebras / Lights all in my face / Got more where that came from / I got something to say / Put down your power / Say that s*** to my face."