Wildchild, 'Manifestin (prod. by Madlib)' : #NowPlaying The California rapper leans into a trim track from the wizard Madlib on a new single that takes a sharp look at institutional racism in the U.S.

Wildchild, 'Manifestin (prod. by Madlib)'


Produced by Madlib, with vocals from his Lootpack comrade Wildchild, "Manifestin" is a heart-wrenching examination of racism and police violence. The song opens with a mournful dirge played by a small string ensemble, before the loose, swinging beat kicks in and Wildchild goes to work, his rapidfire flow articulating the horror a Black man feels when faced with any part of the police or justice system.

"Manifestin" pours the blood, tears and suffering of many into one furious and poignant song.