Doechii, 'Crazy' : #NowPlaying Rapper Doechii is an artist to watch in the next year, and "Crazy" lets us know she's coming in swinging.

Doechii, 'Crazy'


It takes a lot to stand out in a music video, but rapper Doechii has had no problems so far. Her recent single, "Crazy," is no exception.

The shocking visuals include nude women dancing ferociously, guns, an albino alligator and a pregnant woman among the chaos. Though Doechii has elaborated on some of the visuals, the video has sparked debates about her intended storyline. In response to fans, Doechii confirms there is none. (The lyric video posted here does not include these shots, but you can easily find the explicit version online.)

"I never experienced the energy I experienced when I recorded 'Crazy,'" she wrote recently via Twitter. "And this is the first video I've dropped that doesn't have a 'storyline' that was out of my comfort zone. I never challenged myself like this creatively.' Instead, the video is an amalgamation of motifs supporting the overall thesis she shared with Vevo: "People call you crazy when they fear you or they don't understand you. I'm reflecting that energy back on them to show them themselves." For women, especially Black women, "crazy" is an all-too-familiar adjective that Doechii reclaims and spits back at anyone who dares to diminish her power.

Doechii has bravado – and, for all her vocal intensity, she's not the one who's stressing. "Crazy, got 'em going crazy / None of these hating-ass b****es gon' faze me." And it's true; the unfazed Doechii is rapidly making a name for herself with her recent signing to Top Dawg Entertainment and the attention she's received from pop/rap powerhouses like Doja Cat. She's an artist to watch in the next year, and "Crazy" lets us know she's coming in swinging. "And if a b**** unsure," she can letcha know.