Flo Milli puts haters to bed on 'You Still Here, Ho?' : #NowPlaying If you did not know already, let this serve as your reminder that Flo Milli is in her own lane.

Flo Milli, 'Bed Time'

Flo Milli / SME Records YouTube

If there were any lingering suspicions or questions about Flo Milli's vision, lyrical ability or prowess, You Still Here, Ho? is the response to shut them all down. It takes an OG to make an OG and from the top, Flo enlists the help of none other than Tiffany Pollard, the undeniable HBIC of reality television, to help set the tone in the album's introduction. This makes sense as you take in Flo's infectious confidence on "Bed Time."

Produced by Young Fyre, "Bed Time" is an unapologetic proclamation to any hater or critic looking to intimidate her. She knows the game and is unshaken by naysayers as she calls them out: "Made a mill' at 20 years old, you never would guess it / How you hatin' and you dead broke, that s*** is depressin'." Over a beat that recalls Pussycat Dolls' "Buttons," Flo Milli displays her Y2K upbringing with flair.

If you did not know already, "Bed Time'' serves as your reminder that Flo Milli is in her own lane. Do not be fooled or disarmed by her girly aesthetics, consistently viral TikToks or "mean girl" bars. Flo Milli is as intentional as she is incisive, and more than aware of what she is capable of.