Planet Giza (feat. Saba), 'WYD' : #NowPlaying Crushes prevail in the Montreal-based trio's new single.

Planet Giza (feat. Saba), 'WYD'

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Montreal-based trio Planet Giza has rizz, adapting '90s hip-hop-palettes and bringing back smooth grooves and funky flows. On "WYD," the first single off the group's upcoming album, ad-libs dissipate over silky harmonies, a sparkling synth and a crisp beat. "WYD" indulges the cliché digital love story in an age that seems devoid of organic romance: "How I'm 'posed to not like your pictures on every post girl you bad as f*** / And them stories got our inside jokes you know damn well I'm swiping up."

The track has a certain je ne sais quoi that you can hear as Saba's melodic bars flirt with the rhythm. Intoxicating attraction forces a playa to want to break their patterns and settle down as the trio's somewhat juvenile lyrical charm finds the soft spot. While technology may have desensitized people to the point where fostering real connections seems futile, in "WYD," crushes prevail.