Yves Tumor, 'Operator' : #NowPlaying Yves Tumor is giving goth, glamorous and godly on this tender yet desperate track.

Yves Tumor, 'Operator'

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Yves Tumor is boundless. On their latest album, Praise A Lord Who Chews But Which Does Not Consume; (Or Simply, Hot Between Worlds), they propel the listener into a poetic, divine, saturated soundscape. The album is textured with sounds from angsty '90s past and neo-psychedelic future. It ironically consumes the listener with its nostalgic cybernetic beats, folding to Tumor's ferocity and eccentricity.

"Operator" simulates a metallic new-wave symphony. Tumor is giving goth, glamorous and godly. The track is visceral, atmospheric, high-octane and tenacious — but reveals tender desperation. Tumor converses with the listener on the other line, "Hello? / Are you my lord and savior? / I need a reason to believe / Baby, please never take me home." The pulsing reverbs rumble, commanding higher powers. Tumor's lyrics sinfully fixate on vices, money, religion and lust, resolving with a classic high school cheer, and grapples with the synthetic operator, "Be aggressive / be-be aggressive."