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The spirit of the Ask Me Another crew cannot be stifled by the scrooge appearance of John Hodgman and his mustache (center)! From left to right up top, you're looking at John Asante, Eric Nuzum, Eleanor Kagan, John Chaneski, Jesse Baker, Art Chung, Ophira Eisenberg, Jonathan Coulton, Josh Rogosin, Lizz Wistead and A.J. Jacobs. Lam Thuy Vo /NPR hide caption

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Lam Thuy Vo /NPR

NPR's Alex Blumberg talks about the Planet Money t-shirt project on The Colbert Report. screenshot from hide caption

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Weekend Edition Saturday staffers, photographed at NPR's former M Street headquarters, in Washington, D.C. Top left: (the late) Marta Haywood, Cindy Carpien, Scott Simon, Laura Ziegler, Steve Tripoli. Bottom left: Mandalit del Barco, Liz Buechel, Doug Mitchell, Neva Grant NPR hide caption

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Weekend Edition Host Rachel Martin with Sunday Conversation guest Denyse Gordon, Miss Veteran America. Amy Ta/NPR hide caption

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Amy Ta/NPR