This Is So On. : NPR Extra Welcome to "This Is NPR." We thought you might be curious about the behind-the-scenes stories of the NPR. So we figured, why not share it with everyone?
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This Is So On.

Welcome to This Is NPR, a blog about the NPR you can't hear, read, stream, download or digest. We – the NPR communications team – think you might be curious about the behind-the-scenes stories of the NPR we know from roaming the halls, and you know only from your radio, screen and earbuds. Talking and writing about NPR is what we do all day, every day. So we figured, why not share it with everyone?

NPR is truly the sum of its many parts. NPR is this blog. The editor of this post. The designer who created the look for this website, and the back-end coders who gave it life. The journalists who, without fail, every day, give us something worthwhile to think and talk about. The stations that broadcast and contribute to our programming and the engineers who make everything run without a hitch. Most importantly, NPR is the audience – the listeners, readers and supporters who tune in every day. And we want to make you really feel like you know what's happening here.

This Is NPR will share news, announcements and insights from where we sit – off-air, but totally tuned in to what's happening across the organization. Expect to read about digital product launches and programming innovations; be introduced to our intriguing people and their extraordinary work; learn about the accomplishments and aspirations of our member stations; see the work winning awards; get a peek at our latest designs; and travel to events and conferences with NPR staff. We'll also use this space to explain company decisions or answer questions about issues as they arise, and why they matter. We've got a lot to say, so be sure to visit often as we'll be posting at least a couple of times a week.

All members of the communications team – there are 11 of us covering creative services, marketing, corporate communications, media and talent relations – will contribute to This Is NPR, and we'll identify the writer(s) of each post. If there are aspects of NPR that you've always been curious about, please let us know. We hope to use this space to create a conversation about what's happening in the places off-mic, but certainly still on topic. After all: this is NPR.