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Help Pick An NPR Journalist's Photo

Forget all the awful things you've heard about some people having a "face for radio." While you wouldn't confuse our staff with high couture runway models, our journalists can be quite photogenic and, yes, even stylish. In the spirit of Fashion Week, let's have some fun...

Last fall, we asked our journalists, editors and executives to take a step out from behind their microphones, desks and computer screens and to get their pictures taken. We want you to help us pick which pics are most worthy of being used to promote that person. These new headshots will be used for a variety of publicity purposes, including posting on the bio pages. And who knows, maybe the photo you pick will end up in a photospread in a chic fashion magazine one day!

Since the photographer, Doby, took so many beautiful shots, we are having a hard time selecting just one. This is why we're calling on the public radio audience for help. Liane Hansen (host, Weekend Edition Sunday), Guy Raz (weekend host, All Things Considered) and Richard Harris (correspondent, Science Desk) have all narrowed it down to their favorites and are asking our audience to select the final shot, which will be posted on their respective bio pages.

The polls will be open for one week (last day to vote is Friday, Feb. 25). We'll post the results here.