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Race To The Finish: Help Us Pick Team Names

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You may know that some of your favorite NPR journalists are quick of mind, but did you know they're also fleet footed?

NPR runners will be out in full force once again at the 30th Annual ACLI Capital Challenge taking place on May 4. This three-mile race pits teams from the legislative, executive and judicial branches of the federal government and the media against each other to benefit Special Olympics DC.

One of the key elements of the competition is coming up with a crafty team name. In the past we've been able to come up with clever monikers like The Split Trackers, Shin Splinterviews, Schweddy Balls (a salute to the SNL spoof of NPR), and Nimble Pavement Runners.

But after 10 years of multiple NPR teams competing, we decided to focus all our energy on training. Must...control...intake....of orange slices! So, we're asking you, our witty and creative listeners, to come up with humorous (and appropriate) team names.

Leave your best suggestions in the comments section. We'll let you know our final picks right here in a few weeks. If your name is selected, we'll send you an NPR t-shirt (score!).

Ready, set, GO!