NPR In The News : NPR Extra A few recent articles about NPR, including Amy Poehler
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Here are a few recent articles featuring NPR shows and journalists:

In Parade Magazine, comedy actress Amy Poehler spoke of her appreciation for organization and public radio: "To me, there's no greater grown-up pleasure than cleaning your drawers while listening to This American Life or Fresh Air on public radio. Your brain gets organized, and so does your underwear."

Tell Me More host Michel Martin tells the The Washington Post's Click Track blog what music she's been enjoying these days.

FishbowlDC spoke with NPR Investigations Correspondent Laura Sullivan about some journalism "Tricks of the Trade."

The Science Business blog at Forbes names NPR's Planet Money its top podcast.

Poynter explores why NPR's Senior Strategist for Social Media was chosen to moderate a White House Twitter interview following President Obama's Middle East Speech.