NPR In The News : NPR Extra It's been a busy week here, so check out the latest coverage about NPR with this week's NPR In The News.
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From investigations to ice cream, the last week at NPR has been a doozey. We've managed to keep our heads on straight and several balls in the air while still making some headlines:

- NPR's investigation, "America's War Within," generated discussion about the effectiveness of Homeland Security. The Root, ACLU and PBS NewsHour all have the story.

- New Weekend Edition Sunday host Audie Cornish has been on the job only two weeks and already provided listeners six hours of live coverage during the 9/11 tenth anniversary events and managed to deliver the weekly puzzle with charm. Can't wait until Sunday to catch up with our new host? Check out Audie's interviews with AdWeek and FishbowlDC.

- Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News and Market Watch all featured highlights from Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's Talk of the Nation interview in stories on the President's jobs bill.

- Get Connected named Michele Norris on their list of "10 Powerful People in Media Who Matter to You." Below is Michele's interview from July's Aspen Ideas Festival:

- "Twitter DJ" Andy Carvin received rave reviews in a recent Guardian profile for his accomplishments in the social media world.

- "We can't help but notice that the balls are misshapen. But still, we bet no one will be able to resist them." That's all we have to say about Ben and Jerry's newest ice cream flavor, but if you're craving more details, Reuters and The Globe and Mail have the skinny.