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Did one of the GOP Presidential Candidates once jam as a member of the rock 'n roll band Wizard? Which of NPR's foreign correspondents won an award last week? Does Michele Norris do her own laundry? And most importantly, what's our new CEO up to?

If you're staring blankly at your computer screen, then you're clearly overdue for some NPR In The News.

- Our new CEO Gary Knell was featured in LA Times' "On The Media" blog talking about his roll in NPR's future. He doesn't officially start at his new post until December, so in the meantime, check out Gary's TOUT videos to keep track of the CEO:

- The Huffington Post featured a piece on Jon Huntsman's rocker roots from NPR's special series Job 1: Careers That Shaped The GOP Candidates.

- Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson was honored with Colby College's Elijah Parish Lovejoy Award for courageous journalism. The Bangor Daily News shared the foreign correspondent's comments from the reception.

- Check out The Sacramento Bee's interview with Michelle Norris for insight into the writing of her memoir, the latest on her Race Card Program as well as some intimate details about her laundry room habits.

- A famous public radio fan officially joins the club. WNYC announced that Alec Baldwin will begin hosting a new podcast series, "Here's the Thing." CNN and The New York Times both have the details. Take a listen to WNYC"s "Here's the Thing" now: