James Cromwell Loves NPR : NPR Extra James Cromwell, star of the new silent film The Artist, shows his love for NPR.
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James Cromwell Loves NPR

Melissa Kuypers/NPR
James Cromwell at NPR West.
Melissa Kuypers/NPR

Step aside, Nosferatu: Silent film's got a brand new (and much less creepy) face.

James Cromwell, one of the stars of the new silent flick, The Artist, stopped by NPR West for an interview with Neda Ulaby for her Morning Edition piece on the film. Already stirring up Oscar-buzz, the movie follows a 1920's actor struggling with the introduction of "talkies" — movies with sound. Cromwell tells how he prepared for his first non-vocal role.

(Spoiler alert: Cromwell was allowed to break character and speak during the interview.)