Intern Edition: The Final Fold : NPR Extra NPR Intern Edition Beyond the Fold - a multimedia presentation of stories, all told from the "Generation Y" perspective - premiered yesterday; read about this semester's work from the IE Communications Director Eric Larson.
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Intern Edition: The Final Fold

Whew ... thought this day might never come.

Since early September, the fall 2011 intern team has been working vigorously — through deadlines, late night edits, high stakes, and even higher caffeine consumption — to plan and produce Intern Edition, a multimedia presentation of stories. This semester's theme, "Beyond the Fold," relates to the angle of the stories being shared — the overlooked pieces that may not necessarily qualify for top-of-the-hour (or "above-the-fold") news.

And after a sold-out show yesterday in NPR's first floor boardrooms (OK, fine, there weren't actually tickets required – but it was still a good turnout), the thirty-minute video and other premiere pieces are now available for streaming on the Intern Edition website.

Within it, you'll experience storytelling as unique as the individual talents of each contributor: a personal reflection on how Alzheimer's affects a family; a profile of an Academy Award-winning musician; a look into the catacombs of Washington's Dupont Circle; and more.

And, of course, there's the mind-blowing stop animation in the video's introduction. Either way, you can't go wrong. (Bias alert: I'm also an intern.)

Favoritism aside, though, we'd like to express a big thanks to the members of NPR who generously lent a hand over the course of the semester — your comments, suggestions and general interest in the work we've devoted our time to creating has made all the difference.

Enjoy the pieces!