George Takei Loves NPR : NPR Extra Check in with Star Trek's George Takei, who showed some love for NPR after interviewing with WBUR's Here and Now about how his experience growing up in a Japanese internment camp led to a life of social activism.
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George Takei Loves NPR

While you may know George Takei best as Star Trek's valiant leader, Mr. Sulu, Takei's leadership reaches far beyond the ship's iconic bridge. As one of the first Asian-Americans to be cast in a prominent TV role, Takei paved the path for many Asian actors.

Takei chatted with host Robin Young for an interview on WBUR's Here and Now about his formative childhood experiences in a Japanese internment camp that led to his lifelong fight for civil rights. He tells Young how those experiences led him to work on "Allegiance," a Broadway play opening later this year that follows a family as they try to survive in a Japanese American internment camp.

After the interview, Takei sent us his best wishes: "Live long and prosper."

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George Takei at NPR West.
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