A Love Letter to Public Radio : NPR Extra April is Public Radio Music Month, and today, nearly 100 artists and music industry professionals released a "love note" to local public radio stations across the country. Check it out at "This is NPR."
NPR logo A Love Letter to Public Radio

A Love Letter to Public Radio


Throughout April, musicians, music industry professionals and public radio stations across the country are participating in Public Radio Music Month (PRMM), a national campaign to highlight the role and impact of public radio stations in the music world.

It's just the second week of PRMM and already many have come forward to share how public radio contributes to and changes the way we listen to, discover and produce music through video and audio testimonials, special interviews and live music events. But today, PRMM got something a little different: a love letter.

Check out the sweet ode of gratitude, as well as its nearly 100 signers, which includes record labels, artists and icons, above.

Follow along on Twitter @pubradiomusic and online at publicradiomusicmonth.org, where you can find a snapshot of a month in the life of public radio stations nationwide, which includes artist testimonials, op-eds, interviews, webcasts from local concerts, studio sessions, archived footage, special events and more.