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Spring is shaping up around NPR HQ - April showers, blooming azaleas, music discovery, a new radio show and all! Check out all of the latest news from around NPR in these reports from other media:

- HuffPost50 featured Morning Edition's new series, "Family Matters: The Money Squeeze," in its homepage headline reel Tuesday. The series kicked off this week chronicling the lives of three families facing the financial realities of what some economists call the "sandwich generation."

- New York Times shared the news this week that NPR and TED are joining forces for the new show TED Radio Hour.

- Rolling Stone was one of the media outlets that passed along a love note to local public radio stations from an impressive list of musicians as part of Public Radio Music Month. The letter has now been signed by nearly 130 artists and independent recording labels.

- Ari Shapiro was featured earlier this month as National Journal Hotline's "Friday Feature," a short Q&A profile on the careers and personal lives of media personalities, and it wasn't his first appearance in the weekly post. Ari was also selected in 2006 while working as NPR's DOJ reporter in a piece titled, "Ari On Air." See the flashback here.

- The Peabody Awards were announced this month, and NPR took home three. AP, The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter and many other news outlets reported NPR among the winners. Read more about the winners at The Two-Way.