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Come Scheme With NPR!

Do you have an appetite for adventure? Then come explore NPR on, a place from Google that's about doing and sharing activity ideas with others. It's about exploring the world around us, both near and far. It's about finding fun stuff to do and asking friends (aka accomplices) to join you in the fun. We mention this now because Schemer launched publicly today.

When some engineers first started scheming a few months ago, they reached out to NPR and invited us to partner with them. Seeing as this is about exploration and discovery, it seemed like a good fit for us. We pulled together our own scheme team and started an NPR Schemer account. Check it out at

Some schemes from NPR:
NPR wants to laugh out loud to Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me
NPR wants to make homemade Nutella
NPR wants to listen to the preview of the TED Radio Hour
NPR wants to share our favorite books about celebrities

If you've already circled NPR on Google+ then you're already one of our accomplices! Come see what NPR can inspire you to do.

This is just the beginning of great NPR schemes. In the days, weeks and months ahead, our scheme team will be stroking their mustaches, thinking up new ideas for fun activities to share with you. And we might just call on a few colleagues to help us out.

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Carl Kasell, Schemer Extraordinaire


By the way, scheming mustaches are completely optional, but they sure can add to the fun!

Check out Schemer's introduction video.

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