Get A Clue About NPR's 'Ask Me Another' : NPR Extra Get your brain warmed up for tomorrow's launch of Ask Me Another with a custom NPR puzzle, "Not Particularly Relevant."
NPR logo Get A Clue About NPR's 'Ask Me Another'

Get A Clue About NPR's 'Ask Me Another'

NPR's Ask Me Another

NPR's new quiz show, Ask Me Another, premieres tomorrow. Host Ophira Eisenberg, a cast of puzzlers and a live audience together work through puzzles, word games and brainteasers in each episode.

To get your brains warmed up for Friday's debut, give this custom NPR puzzle a whirl. The game is "Not Particularly Relevant" and was written by the puzzlemasters behind Ask Me Another. To play, just read each clue below and answer with phrases and names that have the initials NPR. Answers follow each clue by clicking "Continue."

Ask Me Another is available to NPR member stations beginning tomorrow. Among the first stations to air Ask Me Another this weekend and into the later part of May are: WHYY, WBUR, KRCU and WCPN. Contact your local station for varied carriage and broadcast plans.