NPR In The News: The Car Talk Edition : NPR Extra Many paid tribute to Car Talk and its hosts Tom and Ray Magliozzi last week - read some highlights of the coverage at NPR In The News.
NPR logo NPR In The News: The Car Talk Edition

NPR In The News: The Car Talk Edition

It probably made Tom and Ray Magliozzi proud that many media outlets used their best - or maybe worst - car puns to headline Car Talk's news last week.

Cable news networks paid tribute Friday night to the brothers' and the 35 years of laughter, automobile guidance and occasional relationship advice they brought to listeners:

ABC News: 'Click and Clack' Radio Host Go Dark

- CBS News and NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams also announced the news.

- Huffington Post Entertainment put together a Car Talk inspired playlist, which included tracks from Queen, Beastie Boys, Bruce Springsteen & many others. Take a listen.

- The Inquisitr shared an animated cameo of the brothers on the PBS show Arthur:

The Inquisitr YouTube

- Silvia Killingsworth's essay in The New Yorker shed light on what the show means to Bostonians, pointed out some of the wittier Tweets that came out of the day...

@cartalk Since we are nearing the end will we ever know who is click and who is clack?

@ken147 I'm Click and he's Clack

...and answered the puzzler of all puzzlers: "How do you get to do what you love for thirty-five years and still be successful? You manage to be to be smart, funny, and helpful, all at the same time."

- Small Business Trends distilled what small business can learn from Click and Clack's weekly advice to listeners.

- Nieman Journalism Lab offered a look back at the show's 35-year history, with interviews from Car Talk Executive Producer Doug Berman and longtime NPR correspondent Susan Stamberg.