Donald Faison Loves NPR : NPR Extra Actor Donald Faison showed some good, old-fashioned NPR love while in studio contributing to NPR's "Movies I've Seen a Million Times" summer series. His pick: Star Wars Episode V.
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Donald Faison Loves NPR

Melissa Kuypers/NPR
Donald Faison at NPR West
Melissa Kuypers/NPR

Yesterday, actor Donald Faison indulged his enthusiasm for Star Wars as part of NPR's Movies I've Seen a Million Times summer series. In a conversation with NPR's Lily Percy, he walks listeners through highlights of Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, a film Donald says he must have see 30 times in theaters.

Donald showed more than Jedi spirit while at NPR West - he showed some good, old-fashioned NPR love too. And we didn't even have to force it out of him.