(Former) NPR Interns: What's Your Favorite NPR Perk? : NPR Extra NPR staffers, who got their start as an NPR intern, answer the question:What was your favorite perk as an NPR intern?
NPR logo (Former) NPR Interns: What's Your Favorite NPR Perk?

(Former) NPR Interns: What's Your Favorite NPR Perk?

Meet the Former Interns

Jason DeRose pic
Jason DeRose/Ed Schoenfeld

Jason DeRose
Current Title: Western Bureau Chief, NPR News
Internship: Washington Desk in 1995

John Asante
John Asante

John Asante
Current Title: Editorial Assistant, Talk of the Nation
Internship: Weekend All Things Considered in 2009

Patricia Cervini
Patricia Cervini

Patricia Cervini
Current Title: Sr. Manager, Member & Audience Partnership
Internship: Public Affairs in 1982

Audie Cornish
Audie Cornish/Doby Photography/NPR

Audie Cornish
Current Title: Host, All Things Considered
Internship: National Desk in 2000

Anna Sebok
Anna Sebok

Anna Sebok
Current Title: Administrative Coordinator, Programming
Internship: Development Special Events in 2008

As shared in this post, we're talking with a few NPR staffers who were once NPR interns. For the next three days until the August 8, premiere of Intern Edition – an intern-led, web-based program – we'll share the first impressions, advice and stories that made their intern experiences as memorable as our own.

Question: A widely celebrated part of NPR's intern culture is the perks – behind-the-scenes meetings, Tiny Desk concerts, live show recordings, free food and much more. What was your favorite perk as an NPR intern, and why was this perk particularly memorable to you?

Jason DeRose: "I don't recall perks. Back in the mid-1990s, I don't think there was even a Starbucks near the DC offices. But the national Public Radio Conference was in DC that summer, so I got some SWAG from public radio programs. I had a first aid kit in the shape of a giant Tylenol capsule for years. It was SWAG from a show called The People's Pharmacy."

John Asante: "As a huge fan of live music, I loved attending Tiny Desk concerts. I can't thank the NPR Music team enough for exposing me to new musicians and inviting some of my favorites to play just a few floors from my desk. The unpredictable, gypsy-punk stylings of Gogol Bordello performance — complete with table-top dancing and group singing — is still far and away my favorite show to date."

Patricia Cervini: "Favorite perk was definitely the fact that NPR provided intern opportunities to high school kids. No other media outlet, to my knowledge, was willing to take that gamble. I remember feeling very grown up to be included in the volunteer appreciation luncheon that was held annually. For a thank-you gift, we were all given signed copies of Susan Stamberg's first book Every Night at Five: Susan Stamberg's All Things Considered Book. I still have my copy."

Audie Cornish: "Perks? What perks? I shared a cubicle! There was no NPR Music, just All Songs Considered and their intern Bobby Carter was clearly having more fun than the rest of us. I did get a free tote bag that says NPR Intern — still use it!"

Anna Sebok: "My Intern Edition Premier & Luncheon was definitely a lot of fun and a huge perk, especially since I got to plan it with the Intern Edition Summer 2008 Communications Team. But my best memory by far is hanging out with Jonathan Kern and my intern class in Studio 4A...and getting a free copy of his book Sound Reporting: The NPR Guide to Audio Journalism & Production."

Megan Johnson is interning at NPR this summer in the NPR Communications Division.