The Curious Listener: Presidential Fiction : NPR Extra Weekends on All Things Considered has a new twist for Three Minute-Fiction contenders, and The Curious Listener has the skinny on what to in the 9th round.
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The Curious Listener: Presidential Fiction

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In 2009, weekends on All Things Considered challenged listeners to draft an original (and short) piece of fiction that could be read in three minutes or less. Well, 45,000 entrants and eight completed rounds later, Three-Minute Fiction continues to inspire aspiring writers, all vying for the opportunity to hear their work read on air.

So much so, that listeners have started coming to us, anxious for the next round of writing and judging to begin. Take this Curious Listener as an example:

When will the next round (I believe 9th) of Three Minute Fiction be announced? Is it going to happen something this summer or later on, say, a month from now?


Hoboken, NJ

Dear Claire,

Thank you for contacting NPR.

The next round of Three Minute Fiction will be announced both on-air and on our website as soon as that information becomes available. We cannot offer you any information regarding the next round prior to then.

Thank you for listening to NPR, and for your continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and information, visit

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Well, the wait is over. Presidents of the United States (real and imagined) take center stage in the latest round of the Three-Minute Fiction contest. Now through September 23, writers can submit original short stories online at, this time judged and prompted by suspense author Brad Meltzer.

And the stakes are higher, too, as literary magazine The Paris Review is holding a spot in its December issue for the winner of NPR's ninth-round winner.

So hop to it Claire (after you read the rules of course).

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