Aimee Mann Loves NPR : NPR Extra Resident I Heart NPR campaign expert on the west coast, Melissa Kuypers, shares a few details about Aimee Mann's visit to NPR and a lesson the musician got in breaking news.
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Aimee Mann Loves NPR

Working in the fast-paced environment of a news organization requires NPR staff to be quite flexible with their time, and on occasion, this fluid schedule also affects pre-booked guests.

That very thing happened when singer Aimee Mann came to NPR West for an interview with Morning Edition Host Steve Inskeep on the same morning that a gunman opened fire outside the Empire State Building last month.

Melissa Kuypers/NPR
Amiee Mann at NPR West.
Melissa Kuypers/NPR

Our colleague at NPR West, Melissa Kuypers (aka our resident I Heart NPR expert: she takes lots of the pictures and gives us the dish on what these celebs are really like in person), reports that while Aimee was decidedly on board to show her "I Heart NPR" support, breaking news pre-empted her scheduled interview.

Let's turn it over to Melissa to give the inside glimpse at Aimee's visit, and also shows what can happen when news happens at NPR:

In decidedly un-rockstar-like fashion, Aimee Mann arrived a half hour early for her Morning Edition interview and sat quietly reading on the couch.

Unfortunately, Steve Inskeep was tied up with breaking news, so he called to say he wasn't as prepared as he'd like to be, and would she like to do the interview anyway, or postpone. She opted to postpone, but graciously posed to show us some love on the way out.

A couple weeks later, she and Steve reconnected over the phone while she was on tour, to talk about her new album...or WAS it really her?

Thankfully, there's no cross-continental barrier for sharing NPR love. So from Washington to Culver City, CA, we welcome Melissa to our blog and even more NPR love to come.