Kenny Rogers Hearts NPR : NPR Extra Singer Kenny Rogers stopped by NPR to talk about his new memoir with Morning Edition Host Steve Inskeep. We're glad to say he didn't walk away from NPR without showing his NPR love.
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Kenny Rogers Hearts NPR

John Guardo/NPR
Kenny Rogers at NPR.
John Guardo/NPR

This week singer Kenny Rogers releases his memoir, Luck Or Something Like It. In an interview on Morning Edition yesterday, NPR Host Steve Inskeep spoke with Rogers about the new book, his enduring career and an interesting backstory the notorious singer-not-songwriter shares about one of his most popular songs.

While many are familiar with Rogers' version of "The Gambler," country-music legend Johnny Cash actually recorded his own rendition of the song the very same day. Rogers tells NPR the lyrics in his song better set a scene for the narrative, "and from there the rest of the song plays out, and I don't think it does that on [Cash's] record. It doesn't locate you, you know."

And as to whether or not the modifications here his idea, Rogers said, "I'm going to take credit for it whether it was or not. You know me. I can steal credit from anybody."

Well, we're glad to say Rogers didn't walk away from the building without showing his NPR love.