Election Night #NPRMeetup : NPR Extra On election night, NPR reporters won't be the only ones sending out up-to-the-minute news and insights from NPR HQ. Our Social Media Team will host a group of analysts and students to post up in our board rooms and blog, Tweet, crunch numbers and live-sketch what's happening at NPR.

Election Night #NPRMeetup

Bloggers working from NPR HQ in Washington, D.C., on election night, 2008. ©2008 NPR Photo by Stephen Voss hide caption

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©2008 NPR Photo by Stephen Voss

Bloggers working from NPR HQ in Washington, D.C., on election night, 2008.

©2008 NPR Photo by Stephen Voss

On election night, NPR reporters won't be the only ones sharing up-to-the-minute news and insights from NPR HQ. For the second straight general election, our Social Media Desk is hosting citizen journalists from across the country — and the political spectrum — to experience election night in person at NPR, as they present their own coverage of the evening's happenings.

From more than 150 applicants, we selected 31 professionals, activists, analysts, journalists and students with varying expertise and disciplines to experience the election with us. The group will blog, Tweet, crunch numbers, even live-sketch what they see and hear tomorrow.

Follow the visiting journalists, below, for their unique perspectives on #nprmeetup, and for a first-hand look at how NPR gets breaking news to your ears and eyes:

Sultana Ali
Ali is a PR professional based in Washington, D.C., who previously served as a press secretary for a congressional campaign in Florida.

Brandon Andrews
Andrews works with the Washington, D.C., branch of the NAACP and has done defense and foreign policy work for the U.S. Senate. He's contributed to Politico, BET, The Root and National Journal, among other outlets.

Liz Breese
Breese blogs for the social media monitoring and analysis site Crimson Hexagon, specializing in real-time analysis of what's trending online.

Colby Buzzell
An Iraq War vet and author of My War: Killing Time in Iraqand Lost in America: A Dead-End Journey, Buzzell has also written for Esquire, Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Daily Beast and other news outlets.

Ben Cohen
Cohen is the co-founder of political news site thedailybanter.com.

Lori Connelly
Connelly is a retired police officer and contributes to policemag.com.

Peter Corbett
Corbett is the CEO of iStrategyLabs and founder of DC Tech Meetup and DCWEEK, which takes place this week.

Kevin Davis
Davis is the co-founder of real-time news blog rawporter.com.

Christopher Dorobek
The former editor of Federal Computer Week, Dorobek now has a blog and podcast for govloop.com

Juan Escalante
Escalante is an immigration rights activist and media coordinator of DreamActivist.org. He writes about being an undocumented immigrant, and a beneficiary of the White House Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival initiative.

Evan Fleischer
Fleischer is a writer and comedian who is active on his Tumblr page, evanfleischer.com.

Wes Hartline
Hartline is a strategist at a health technology company in Nashville, TN, and blogs at weshartline.wordpress.com.

Renita Hosler
Hosler is a 13-year veteran of the Red Cross.

Ryan Kaltenbaug
Currently a software provider in the government security industry, Kaltenbaug volunteered for John McCain's presidential campaign.

Bernard F. King
King is an attorney and writer for policymic.com.

Jen Klein
Klein, a high school AP Government teacher from a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA, uses the hashtag #fcapgov to discuss politics with her class.

Michael Koplow
Koplow is a program director for the Israel Institute and occasional writer for Foreign Policy and the Atlantic. His blog focuses on Israeli-Turkish relations and politics.

Jolie Lee
Lee is co-founder of the podcast It's All Journalism.

Wendy MacNaughton
A professional illustrator based in San Francisco, MacNaughton will be posting real-time sketches of the activities at NPR on her website, wendymacnaughton.tumblr.com.

Andrew Miller
Miller works as an education consultant.

Jill Miller Zimon
Director of partnerships at the Knight grantee Civic Commons, which develops online engagement tools, Miller Zimon blogs at themModeratevoice.com and serves as a city council member in Pepper Pike, OH.

Lisa Neidert
Neidert is a data researcher and demographer at the University of Michigan, who is currently conducting research on state marriage amendments.

Jason Oberholtzer
The brains behind the I Love Charts Tumblr, Oberholtzer will be making charts and animated gifs throughout election night.

Matt Ortega
Ortega serves as the digital director at a Democratic consulting firm.

Jessica Plautz
Plautz works at the Investigative News Network and the digital start-up upworthy.com.

Mana Rabiee
Rabiee is an Iranian-American freelance multimedia journalist based in Washington, D.C.

Neema Roshania
Roshania is a advertising and education reporter for Kiplinger in Washington, D.C.

Audrey Tolbert
A senior at Middlebury College, Tolbert is the editor of the school's alternative news site middblog.com.

Millie Tran
Currently the multimedia coordinator at the Council on Foreign Relations, Tran completed her thesis on cyber-warfare.

Dave Troy
Troy, a Baltimore-based serial entrepreneur and community activist, is known for creating some of the first Twitter visualizations. He is also the co-founder of TEDxMidAtlantic.

Ramy Yaacoub
An Egyptian political activist, Yaacoub was heavily involved in the country's revolution and served as an advisor to one of the secular political parties that ran for parliament.