Inside the NPR Newsroom on Election Night : NPR Extra Throughout election night 2012, NPR was bustling with a decidedly calm team of journalists and staff covering all the results. Take a look at some of the pictures captured from the evening.

Inside the NPR Newsroom on Election Night

Throughout election night 2012, Studio 4A, the heart of NPR's broadcast and online coverage, was bustling with a decidedly calm team of NPR journalists and staff coordinating minute-to-minute coverage with NPR Member Stations from coast to coast and on, also relying on nearly two dozen NPR correspondents around the country.

In the midst of this commotion that comes along with reporting on a president election, reached an exciting landmark of its own - six times the number of concurrent users visited the site this evening than we typically have during the peak times of an average week. NPR CEO Gary E. Knell and Chief Content Officer Kinsey Wilson delivered the news to the This is NPR blog team themselves in just one of the exciting moments at NPR this evening.

Spread throughout our Washington, D.C. headquarters tonight are dozens of reporters and staff, 30 citizen journalists and four NPR hosts making our coverage possible. Take a look through the slideshow above for some special moments captured along the way.