The Curious Listener: Comments on Commenting : NPR Extra You may have noticed earlier this fall that NPR's commenting section got a face lift of sorts.We're helping troubleshoot and answer your questions about the new platform right here.
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The Curious Listener: Comments on Commenting

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You may have noticed earlier this fall that NPR's commenting section got a face lift of sorts - threaded discussions (so you can reply to another user's comment directly), options to share on social media and accessibility from mobile devices. And these are just some of the upgrades made to make your conversations (and our conversations with you) better.

We surveyed the likes and dislikes of 200,000 users before landing on this new system, Disqus, and so far there has been a lot of great feedback. But of course, there's always a learning curve when it comes to new technology, for us too, and we don't want it to ever discourage you from talking with us. So in addition to blog posts from our Digital Media team answering many questions about the new system, we're helping troubleshoot with this inquiry, part of our Curious Listener series.

Hello Npr.

I enjoy Npr but have had much difficulty lately commenting since your recent "upgrades,changes, and improvements". I am not a youngster and feel I should not have to change my browser and work so hard to "upgrade" and chase this technological stuff.

What worked well changed somewhat when you first decided to use the DISCUS system. With a few adjustments I managed to hang in there for a few weeks and was able to comment. Since then, the past week or so something else changed and I am not able to keep up. What is Up?


Miami, FL

Dear Harry,

Thank you for contacting NPR.

We appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns. Unfortunately, we are not able to support Internet Explorer 7. You will need to upgrade your browser to participate in the comments section at It is free and easy. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Thank you for listening to NPR, and for your continued support of public broadcasting. For the latest news and information, visit

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