The Curious Listener: Where's 'Ask Me Another'? : NPR Extra Pub trivia, comedy club and house concert all walk into a bar... No this isn't a joke, it's Ask Me Another, one of NPR's newest shows, and it's back for a new season in January. Find out how to see Ask Me Another live, be a contestant and check out photos from a taping with the Curious Listener.
NPR logo The Curious Listener: Where's 'Ask Me Another'?

The Curious Listener: Where's 'Ask Me Another'?

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Two trivia questions for you:

1. What do you get when you add the Dalmatians plus the Luftballoons and divide by Ali Baba's thieves?

2. Is the word "epoisses" a type of cheese, a dance move, or a character from Moby Dick?

(Keep reading to see if you are correct.)

It's this breed of pressing issues NPR gets to the bottoms of in one of its newest shows, Ask Me Another, where pub trivia, comedy club and house concert all walk into a bar... (won't even try to finish that one).

The public radio program was a sell-out as a pilot this spring: 4,000 audience members came to see one if the 13 live tapings in Brooklyn. It was such a hit in fact, that NPR and WNYC are teaming up to expand Ask Me Another to a weekly show and podcast. Join this Curious Listener to find out more about what's next for the show:

Will there be more of this funny show? My 10 and 13 year old also enjoy it.


Silver Spring, MD

Dear Judy,

Thank you for contacting NPR. We appreciate your interest in Ask Me Another.

We are pleased to announce that Ask Me Another will be back for a second season beginning in January 2013.

If you are interested in being a contestant on the show, please send an email to and the producers will follow-up with a quiz. Be sure to indicate the date in which you would like to compete. You will find a complete fall schedule and ticket information here:

For additional information about the show, visit You will also find updates and behind the scenes information on Twitter and Facebook.


NPR Audience Partnership

Tickets are available for three more live shows in December at the Bell House in Brooklyn, with more to come (including road shows!) in 2013. Check out some photos from this week's taping, with special guests from the Big Apple Circus, 'nuptially bound' clown team The Acrobuffos:

Find out if Ask Me Another is airing on your local NPR Member Station here, and stay tuned in to the show's Facebook page and follow its Twitter account (@NPRAskMeAnother) to see if the puzzling crew will be visiting your city for a live show in the new year.


1. 5

2. Epoisses is a type of cheese.

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