NPR In The News : NPR Extra In this edition of NPR In The News, see recent TV appearances by Peter Sagal and Ari Shapiro, and a feature on Michele Norris.
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NPR journalists are often are called upon by other news outlets to help explain the news of the day. And sometimes they are even the inspiration for a story. Here are some of the recent highlights:

- Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me! recently traveled to the West Coast to tape a show in Los Angeles. While there, Host Peter Sagal also brought his witty repartee to The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson. See a video of their chat (around the 29 minute mark).

- The Associated Press interviewed Michele Norris about her Race Card Project. Read all about it here.

- NPR Music's Amy Schriefer was profiled in Billboard as one of the magazine's "Women in Music 2012." Read about Amy and check out the rest of the list at the magazine's online feature.

- White House Correspondent Ari Shapiro made two recent television appearances.

First, Shapiro joined Andrea Mitchell Reports, to talk about the week in politics:

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Shapiro also participated in a Daily Rundown roundtable discussion on the ongoing fiscal cliff negotiations:

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