Reverand Run Loves NPR : NPR Extra Hip-hop-artist-turned-pastor Rev. Run stopped by NPR to talk with Tell Me More Host Michel Martin and send some NPR pride our way.
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Reverand Run Loves NPR

Lam Vo/NPR
Rev. Run at NPR headquarters.
Lam Vo/NPR

Joseph Simmons, or Rev. Run as many know him now, is the man who put the 'Run' in Run D.M.C., a pioneering rap group founded in the 80s.

However, when he stopped by NPR for an interview as part of Tell Me More's Wisdom Watch series, the reverend wasn't talking beats and records. Rev. Run spoke with Host Michel Martin instead about his diabetes awareness campaign Ask.Screen.Know., and his transition from his-hop artist to pastor.

Before leaving, Rev. Run took time to send some cool NPR love our way too.