Rob Lowe Hearts NPR : NPR Extra Rob Lowe is just as friendly and enthusiastic as the character he plays on NBC's Parks and Recreation. He talked to Host Alex Cohen with Member Station KPCC about his movie and TV career, and the word that has brought him a new following, "literally." We're just glad to say he LITERALLY loves NPR.

Rob Lowe Hearts NPR

Melissa Kuypers/NPR
Rob Lowe at NPR West.
Melissa Kuypers/NPR

City Manager Chris Traeger came in to... wait, I mean, Rob Lowe came in to NPR West for a talk with KPCC host Alex Cohen about his new political thriller Knife Fight. It's pretty easy to mistake the seasoned actor for his Parks and Recreation character, as Lowe's friendliness and enthusiasm are not lost on his TV counterpart.

After chatting with Cohen about his latest project and his long career in TV and film, we asked if he'd mind posing for a quick photo.

"Look at all my FRIENDS," he said pointing specific people he has worked with from the collection of "I Heart-ers" that graces the front of my desk. Sufficiently inspired, we stepped into the I Heart photo studio (by which I mean the front patio), and Lowe showed us that he LITERALLY... loves NPR.

If you don't live in the LA area, listen to the Take Two segment online here.