Give Them A Hand: Gracie Awards For NPR : NPR Extra Check out this year's NPR honorees in the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation's annual Gracie Awards, which recognize outstanding female-driven programming in all aspects of media.
NPR logo Give Them A Hand: Gracie Awards For NPR

Give Them A Hand: Gracie Awards For NPR

Yesterday, the Alliance for Women in Media Foundation (AWMF) announced that it is honoring NPR with three national Gracie Awards for "exemplary programming created for women, by women and about women." In naming its annual winners, the AWMF considers outstanding female-driven programming in all aspects of media – placing NPR winners on the same stage as high-profile, female trailblazers like producer and writer Lena Dunham, Good Morning America Host Robin Roberts and entertainer and producer Amy Poehler.

Given NPR's commitment to well-rounded and inclusive content, this is an exceptional honor. Check out this year's NPR honorees, below, and find a full list of the 2013 Gracie winners here.

The Salt: Outstanding Blog

Honors go to:
Maria Godoy, Senior Editor and Host
April Fulton, Former Host
Alison Richards; Supervising Editor, Food and Science
With help from Dan Charles, Allison Aubrey and Eliza Barclay.

The Salt takes a broad look at food as life's most basic essential – a key to health, pleasure and even our sense of identity. Edited solely by women, The Salt staff includes consumers, cooks and journalists who deliver a hefty mix of skepticism and fun to the dinner table.

Syria Conflict Coverage: Outstanding Hard News Feature

Honors go to:
Kelly McEvers, Beirut Correspondent
Deborah Amos, International Correspondent
Doug Roberts, International Senior Editor

Reporting by NPR on the ongoing conflict in Syria - led by international correspondents Kelly McEvers, based in Beirut; and Deb Amos, a roving correspondent who's spent three decades covering the region - is being honored for capturing the pace and gravity of the growing uprising from its birth. On frequent reporting trips into Syria and from the borders in Turkey and Lebanon, McEvers and Amos brought clarity and context to a volatile and rapidly changing story.

Ina Jaffe: Outstanding Reporter/Correspondent

NPR National Desk Correspondent Ina Jaffe is honored for her investigation into the Veterans Affairs' use of a coveted plot of land in Los Angeles designated as housing for homeless veterans. Jaffe learned that, not only has the VA failed to act on plans announced in 2007 to rehab buildings for veterans' housing needs, but has instead rented out some of the land and buildings to commercial enterprises, despite prohibitive Congressional measures. It was estimated that the VA has taken in at least $28 million and possibly more than $40 million over the past 12 years through the outside rental agreements.

Recognition is also due to the NPR-distributed program State of the Re:Union documentary "As Black As We Wish to Be" is awarded a local Gracie Award in the Outstanding Documentary category.

Congratulations to all!