NPR Generation Listen: Join The Tribe : NPR Extra There is a movement underfoot to gather, connect and bring the younger, intellectually curious types into the NPR community.

NPR Generation Listen: Join The Tribe

Betsy Martin/NPR
NPR Generation Listen
Betsy Martin/NPR

Were you a backseat baby? Were you strapped into your car seat and forced to listen to NPR in the 80's and 90's? If so, high fives to your smart parents.

If you weren't force-fed, how did you discover us? We want to know. It's high time we got to know you in an intentional and meaningful way.

Join us on a new on-ramp to NPR that is quietly gaining speed: Generation Listen.

It's time for us to get better at finding you where you are and what is most relevant to your lives. And when we get there, we want to hang out — whether in cyberspace, over the air, or through events — and exchange ideas and smart conversation.

That's what NPR Generation Listen is all about. It's a movement to better connect and bring you into our NPR community. If we've lost you since your toddler days, we want to bring you back into the family. And if you've never heard of us or think "meh" when you hear NPR, we want to invite you to our public radio party.

This week, Generation Listen makes its public debut at SXSW Interactive. But you can join our tribe of younger, intellectually curious types from anywhere you are. It means you're part of the journey — co-pilots in a new venture.

Through Generation Listen, the bullhorn is yours and we're all ears.

Generation Listen members gear up to tour the new NPR HQ. Katie Burk/NPR hide caption

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Katie Burk/NPR

Generation Listen members gear up to tour the new NPR HQ.

Katie Burk/NPR