Not Another &#@*$! Pledge Drive : NPR Extra Somewhere over the years of pledge drives, station staffers got creative with a side order of quirky, to show you that we really mean what we say about your support. As pledge drives come to a close, relive the bliss with these special 'thank yous' for keeping public radio going.

Not Another &#@*$! Pledge Drive

Oh, pledge season. We hope you, like us, have come to embrace the real gems of public radio membership drives: the very creative, clever and quirky ways the staff at our Member Stations show you they really mean it when they say 'your support is vital to what we do.'

Throughout this fall membership drive season, we've been completely entertained by these special 'thank yous' created by pledge-drive pros showing appreciation for your support. Because, after all, it's you who keep public radio going pledge drive after pledge drive. After pledge drive.

1. The Dancing Thank You

Kansas City, Mo. — Did you see the viral 'I Quit' video earlier this month? Yeah, KCUR filmed their own: 'The membership drive is gone. But thanks to you, we're still here.'

Detroit — Just some grade-A moves and a special shout from the staff at WDET.

2. The Excessive Cheering Thank You

Chicago — 'WE'RE GONNA MAKE THE GOAL!': No, it's not a sportscast, just WBEZ staffers celebrating the end of their pledge drive, 10 days and 64 hours later. (Not to be overlooked is the whiteboard in the corner that reads "MEMBERS ARE SO COOL.")

3. The Dramatic Lip Syncing Thank You

Because nothing says public radio like a Miley Cyrus song. New Hampshire Public Radio channeled a favorite guilty-pleasure jam du jour to introduce the station's newest premium.

4. The Get You Through The Day Thank You

Central Florida — WMFE captured a day in the life of public radio listeners to show that the station is truly there for you, always.

5. The Pet Lovers Thank You

New York — Don't let public radio go to the dogs. From WNYC, starring Cola, the rescue dog:

Pensacola, Fla. — Introducing the cat keyboard via WUWF Public Media:

...and another (live) cat from Wyoming Public Radio:

6. The Simple Nonprofit Thank You

Wisconsin Public Radio keeps it simple with a behind-the-scenes peek at their fall membership drive.

Central Ohio — There are no gold-plated microphones in public radio. We promise. In time for their fall pledge drive, WCBE sets the record straight about common public radio myths.

7. The Six-Second Thank You

Evansville, Ind. — Pledge drive prep in six seconds, courtesy of this Vine reel taken at WNIN.

8. The We're Human Too Thank You

Seattle — KUOW shared this name mix-up blooper clip:

9. The Giving Back Thank You

Atlanta — Public radio and listeners know the importance of supporting their communities. WABE built that into their fund drive with a pledging partnership that supports donations to the Atlanta Community Food Bank.

Erin Adams from NPR Member Partnership contributed to this post.