'TED Radio Hour' Offers Fix For The Curious : NPR Extra NPR's 'TED Radio Hour' is an invigorating exploration of the factors that feed our thoughts, motivate our actions and connect us through humanity.
NPR logo 'TED Radio Hour' Offers Fix For The Curious

'TED Radio Hour' Offers Fix For The Curious

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Ted Radio Hour

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In an age driven by readily available information on everything from America's most hated housewife to your great Uncle Barney's fondness for a digital "poke," it can be tough to step back and reflect on this thing we call the human experience.

NPR's TED Radio Hour takes you on an audio journey into the world of ideas that can't be expressed in 140 characters. Drawing from the vast archive of TED Talks, the weekly show guides us through an invigorating exploration of what it means to be alive: The factors that feed our thoughts, influence our feelings, motivate our actions and shape our humanity. Through conversations with TED speakers and other brilliant thinkers, each episode tackles a central theme or question. Ideas like...

TED Radio Hour will change the way you think about the world and your place in it. Drink the Kool-Aid. We dare you.

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