"Get Carried Away" with NPR One : NPR Extra Get carried away with NPR One - an app that hand-picks public radio stories based on what you like.

"Get Carried Away" with NPR One

You wake-up in the morning. You walk, drive, or take the bus to work while listening to your favorite public radio station. If you're a smartphone owner, you just might be listening on the NPR One app.

The just-released "Get Carried Away" video spot is a fun dramatization of the NPR One listening experience. It begins with a young professional woman on her way to work who becomes carried away by the endless journey of the best stories NPR has to offer. Her commute is just NOT LONG ENOUGH for all the great stories she wants to hear.


This 30-second spot was created by NPR's in-house creative agency, produced by Smartypants Pictures and directed by Joshua Seftel. Share it with the hashtag #NPROne

Learn more about NPR One and hear from the people who create this personal public radio experience for you in this Behind the Scenes video.


To download NPR One, click this link.

Blog post written by Dominique Bonessi.