Structural Changes: A More Integrated Newsroom : NPR Extra NPR is taking further steps to integrate digital and radio journalism efforts to work more effectively.

Structural Changes: A More Integrated Newsroom

In an all-staff note issued today to the newsroom, NPR Managing Editor Sara Goo outlined structural changes enabling better alignment between digital editors, reporters and their respective coverage areas.


NPR is taking further steps to integrate our digital and radio journalism efforts to work more effectively. For some time, our newsroom has not been consistent with how we've structured our digital news resources, particularly when it comes to editing. 

Starting on Monday, I'm pleased to announce that several editors from Digital News will now report to the respective Desk editors who they have been working with for some time. Digital editor Avie Schneider will report to Business desk editor Pallavi Gogoi. Alina Selyukh will also report to Gogoi and cover retail and technology for both digital and radio. International digital editor Hannah Bloch and a vacant digital editor position will report to International editor Will Dobson. National digital editor Tanya Ballard Brown will join Amita Kelly in reporting to Vickie Walton-James. Tanya will work closely with the criminal justice team.

The goal of this structural change is to enable the digital editors to work more closely with the reporters and editors in their respective coverage areas and empower them to make critical decisions about deadlines, publication timing and story planning as a team. In short, it is a move meant to enable the desks to "own digital" a bit more than they have been able to do so. We hope this also provides more clarity for reporters who want regular feedback, guidance and a clear point of contact for their digital coverage. These changes bring the National, International and Business desks into a structure that is more consistent with how the Washington, Science and Arts desks are configured.

All digital editors will continue to communicate, plan and coordinate online coverage with the Newsdesk's breaking news team, the Engagement (social) and Visuals teams.

Please let me know if you have any questions.