Laurel Wamsley Joins News Desk Full-Time : NPR Extra Wamsley officially joins the Two-Way team as a full-time reporter.

Laurel Wamsley Joins News Desk Full-Time

In a note to newsroom staff, Deputy Managing Editor Gerry Holmes, the NPR News Desk and Two-Way teams announced the staffing update.

We're delighted to share some exciting news today.

Laurel Wamsley officially joins the Two-Way team as a full time reporter starting today. Laurel has been doing great work on the Two-Way since early last year. She first joined NPR as an intern at Weekend Edition Saturday in January 2007 and was a temporary producer at Weekend Edition, Weekend All Things Considered, Newscast, Morning Edition and a booker/producer for the NPR's Elections Desk through the 2008 election.

After the election, Laurel moved to Austin and then Chicago, where she freelanced and worked in tech, including the development of a podcast about making cities better. In November 2015, Laurel returned to NPR as a temporary producer on the National Desk, at Morning Edition, Weekend Edition and on the Washington Desk.

In March of last year, she joined the News Desk as a temporary reporter for the Two-Way and has written hundreds of news stories. She is a smart writer with a keen eye for a good angle, a dogged reporter and increasingly, contributing more of her stories on the air.

Laurel has become an integral player on this first-rate team of multi-platform reporters on the Two-Way. Please join us in congratulating Laurel.

The News Desk/Two-Way Team