What Do You Want To Know About NPR? : NPR Extra Ever wondered how your favorite NPR podcasts come together? How about getting a book or movie recommendation from a host?
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What Do You Want To Know About NPR?

Alena R. Heck Coleman/NPR
Alena R. Heck Coleman/NPR

Have you ever wondered how Morning Edition is produced overnight so it is ready for you during your morning commute? Or how the Tiny Desk team books a wide range of musicians like Adele and Yo-Yo Ma?

We want to hear your questions. Share with us questions you have about NPR content, hosts, or just what it's like to work here and we might feature one of your questions here, on the NPR Extra blog. We want to give you behind-the-scenes access to NPR and what better way to do that than to find out exactly what you want to know.

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