Brightening Your Day with New Morning Edition Music : NPR Extra The familiar theme music listeners of Morning Edition have been waking up to for 40 years is getting a tune-up.

Brightening Your Day with New Morning Edition Music

Do not adjust your radio - it's the same NPR you know and love, just with a fresh beat. Starting May 6, 2019, millions of NPR listeners will have a new morning soundtrack. The familiar theme music Morning Edition listeners have been waking up to for 40 years is getting a tune-up.

Check out this short behind-the-scenes video on the making of the music:

Our ear-catching new theme now engages listeners in every aspect of Morning Edition – and may even have you humming as you brush your teeth or drive into work. As NPR enthusiasts know, we've expanded to a variety of platforms. In addition to tuning in to Morning Edition on your local public radio station or streaming on, you can also tell your smart speaker to play NPR or catch our stories on the NPR One app. With NPR everywhere, we aim to attract new listeners who have yet to discover the leading news magazine's dynamic mix of captivating, informative, and often surprising stories about today's world.

The theme's live instrumentation mixes sounds that are warm, fresh, weighted, smart, modern, energetic, and human. Inspired by the work of BJ Leiderman, the new music references the historic theme and will create a consistent and recognizable sonic palette for Morning Edition.

Check out the full billboard

NPR collaborated on the composition with Man Made Music, experts in the field who have created some of today's most recognizable sounds. As Joel Beckerman Founder and CEO of Man Made Music eloquently expressed, this change was not about replacing anything, but rather enhancing your listening experience.

Tune in and enjoy.

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