Farewell to NPR's Peter Overby : NPR Extra NPR's Power, Money and Influence Correspondent Peter Overby retires after nearly 25 years.
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Farewell to NPR's Peter Overby

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Senior Director of Special Projects Beth Donovan and Chief Washington Editor Shirley Henry announced the retirement of long-time NPR correspondent Peter Overby. Read the full note below.

All – With some sadness for the newsroom and much happiness for Peter, we want to let you know that Peter Overby is retiring. For nearly 25 years, Peter has carried the lofty title of Power, Money and Influence Correspondent for NPR. He's widely recognized and respected by our audience and by power brokers in this town and around the country for his depth of knowledge and the breadth of his work.

Peter has covered campaign finance law and practice, government and corporate scandals, and federal ethics regulations and lawsuits – from Citizens United to Jack Abramoff and just this week Kellyanne Conway. He matches the spicy news content with a writerly flair that made his kickers memorable over the years. Along the way, Peter's work has earned him some prestigious awards, a DuPont and an award for excellence from the Radio and Television Correspondents Association.

For most of us on the desk and across the newsroom, though, Peter has been first and foremost a generous colleague. He has always been willing to invest in junior producers, beat reporters and veteran hosts as they tried to understand the nuance of election law or ethics regulations. In that vital nuance Peter taught us, he enriched our audience's understanding of the news and elevated NPR's journalism.

Peter's last day in the office will be this Friday, June 28.

Please join us in wishing Peter well!

Beth and Shirley