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Something For All Of You!

warm welcome

In these times of isolation, it can be hard to feel connected: To the outside world, to friends and family, even to your former (pre-quarantine) self.

That's why NPR and its Member stations are working around the clock—and around the nation—to help you feel safe and connected in this unprecedented time.

We are doing our part to keep you safe by providing up-to-date Coronavirus information. This work permeates many of our programs, including fan-favorites Morning Edition and All Things Considered. To listen to live, local information you can ask your smart speaker to, "Play NPR" or tune your radio dial to your local NPR Member station.

But...maybe there are times when you feel like you've had enough pandemic news for the day. You seek respite. You crave laughter, a familiar voice in your ear, the intellectual satisfaction of a mind-bending discovery, or the loneliness-busting feeling of a conversation with a fascinating person. We know public radio listeners are curious, complex individuals who are looking for some understanding, meaning and joy in the human experience.

We offer many, many programs that allow you to expand your horizons. Over breakfast, on a walk, in the car, our thoughtful programs can help you feel again.

Here are just a few to consider tuning in to:

  • Wait Wait Don't Tell Me, for some laughter when you need them the most
  • Hidden Brain, for intellectual stimulation that "delicately and gently ... tell[s] us the story of who we are..."(put so poetically by Mitibird in their iTunes review. Yes! We read these!)
  • Fresh Air, for conversations with fascinating people. A reviewer MsGoodall reports that, "recent interviews with Tim Gunn and Mindy Kaling have been the most life affirming things I've heard this year."
  • TED Radio Hour, for expert takes on mind-bending ideas and discoveries. "If all other podcasts went away, I would still feel connected to the world." (Singermanlynne, iTunes review.)
  • It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders, for the brighter side of news and culture. "[Sam's] "best thing" on Fridays sometimes bring me to tears." (Rainbowiphone, iTunes review).

As this pandemic continues to shape and reshape our lives, know that public radio is here with stories to help you feel connected to the world, to your neighbors, and to every side of yourself.