David Gura Joins NPR's Business Desk : NPR Extra Gura is joining NPR full time on August 2., as a business correspondent covering Wall Street, markets and finance

David Gura Joins NPR's Business Desk

Courtesy of David Gura
David Gura
Courtesy of David Gura

In a note to newsroom staff Chief Business Editor Pallavi Gogoi announced the following update:

I am more than delighted to announce that David Gura is joining NPR full time, as a business correspondent covering Wall Street, markets and finance.

He starts as a public media intern: David is no stranger to NPR, having launched his career with a public radio internship at North Carolina Public Radio, his hometown station WUNC in Chapel Hill, N.C., on a show called "The State of Things." He also interned at NPR, while still in college, and then worked as an editor and producer for "Talk of the Nation." Since then, David went on to have an illustrious broadcast career.

He anchors and reports: Most recently, David was host and correspondent at MSNBC and NBC News, where he anchored "Up with David Gura," a show that aired on Saturday and Sunday mornings, featuring newsmaker interviews and lively roundtable discussions.

Prior to NBC, David worked at Bloomberg. He co-anchored "Bloomberg Surveillance," the network's flagship morning program and after the 2016 election, he launched "Bloomberg Markets: Balance of Power," which focused on politics and policy.

Before that, David was a senior reporter and backup host at the daily radio show "Marketplace," covering Washington and regularly filling in for my favorite hosts Kai Ryssdal and David Brancaccio.

He fiddles: If you are among his ~109,000 (!!) Twitter followers, you might have seen David play the fiddle. He got an early start in that category too, visiting festivals and fiddlers' conventions in and around Appalachia as a kid, and went on to play in string bands in college.

He writes about music and lofty literary things: His writing has appeared in "The New York Times," the "Los Angeles Times," the "Columbia Journalism Review," and the "Virginia Quarterly Review."

He is wearing another hat at NPR: Lately, David hasn't had much time to fiddle on his roof because he's been busy traveling and reporting for NPR, while filling in for an open position at the Business Desk the last couple of months.

During his time with us, David has impressed us with the breadth of his coverage. He has hustled to snag interviews with influencers and top execs and he's showcased his storytelling skills via pieces such as the one on Wall Street's burnout culture or the summer camp for billionaires.

+ He has an education!: David has a BA in history and American studies from Cornell University and an MS in journalism from Columbia University.

David Gura starts formally in his new role on August 2.

David is uniquely qualified for this job, having reported on business and economics for more than a decade, making complicated financial concepts comprehensible, and telling a good story. David fills an important role at a pivotal time, and we are so thrilled to have him in our team.