Camille Smiley is NPR's new Project Manager of Programming Operations : NPR Extra Camille Smiley is NPR's new Project Manager of Programming Operations

Camille Smiley is NPR's new Project Manager of Programming Operations

In a note to programming staff, Laura Hogan, Chief of Staff to Anya Grundmann, SVP, Programming & Audience Development, made the following announcement:

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Camille Smiley

Camille Smiley

Camille Smiley

All - I am very pleased to announce that Camille Smiley has accepted the position as Project Manager, Programming Operations, focused on furthering our DEI related efforts as well as our employee experience efforts. This is a newly created position in the Programming Operations department and is part of our ongoing effort to support the staff and growth of the Programming division's work. In August Mathilde updated us all on the Project Managers and welcomed the members of the Content Coordinator team and Beth introduced us to Natalia Fidelholz, our Talent Development Manager. Camille has successfully engaged in this work for over a year now and I am very pleased to have her work continue permanently, completing our team. 

Camille's primary responsibility in this role is to further the mission of Programming's DEI Action plan and work in support of all of our DEI related efforts across NPR. She supports Programming leadership in the ongoing articulation, structure, implementation and communication of Programming and NPR wide DEI work. She develops and creates the systems needed to complete this work and supports Programming leadership in their pieces of this work. Camille will continue to push the ongoing evolution of Programming's DEI work and commitments, including KPIs, create systems of accountability, tracking and report outs. She manages our engagement with the DEI feedback group, with Yolanda Sangweni, setting the agendas and recommending how to integrate their feedback into our efforts.

Additionally Camille will be the Project Manager leading in the design and implementation of programs to create a more cohesive division culture, channeling staff feedback into solutions and driving employee experiences. We onboarded 41 new staff this year and as we continue to learn how to best collaborate and work together in a predominantly remote environment we want to purposefully design and support how best to do that with veteran and new staff alike. 

Partnering with Natalia Fidelholz, the Content Coordinators and the People Team, Camille will inform and help design the life cycle of staff experience including the evolution of the rotation program, hiring and onboarding new employees, and identifying the most impactful training opportunities for managers and staff using input and data from employee growth plans, culture surveys and other employee feedback.

Lastly Camille will work with me, Natalie Walters, Executive Assistant to Anya Grundmann, and the rest of the Programming Operations team to support the general operations of the Programming division. For example, Camille recently launched our new Programming All Staff to better delight us as lifelong learners through each other's work and to better inform us on how each of our work fits into the overall vision and strategy of NPR. 

Camille comes from a career of understanding and supporting the work of an entire division through managing how teams interact with each other. The work of designing and supporting HOW we do our work is a vital part of a team being able to do their best creative work. After nearly seven years at NPR, in the programming division, there's no one better to manage our efforts in this area. 

Please join me in congratulating Camille in this permanent position and as always both Camille and I welcome your thoughts and contributions to all of these efforts.