Veralyn Williams is now Code Switch's permanent Executive Producer : NPR Extra Williams will continue to also serve as EP for It's Been a Minute.

Veralyn Williams is now Code Switch's permanent Executive Producer

Jorge Gomez/Courtesy Veralyn Williams
Veralyn Williams
Jorge Gomez/Courtesy Veralyn Williams

In a note to staff Anya Grundmann, SVP, Programming and Audience Development, Edith Chapin, Interim SVP, News and Yolanda Sangweni, VP, Programming and New Content Development, announced the following staffing update:


After leading Code Switch over the past five years, Steve Drummond has decided to transition from the show to focus on his work as head of NPR's Education Desk. We are delighted to announce that Veralyn Williams will become Code Switch's permanent Executive Producer. She will continue to also serve as EP for It's Been a Minute. Steve will continue working on Code Switch as Editor-at-Large where he will provide mentoring and editorial support to the team.

Code Switch has had a remarkable year. On top of welcoming two new co-hosts (B.A. Parker and Lori Lizarraga) we also welcomed a new senior editor (Dalia Mortada), had several exciting internal promotions, and went back on the road for Code Switch Live in Chicago. We are excited about the future of the show, and we are thrilled that over 200 stations choose to air Code Switch and Life Kit each week on their program schedules.

"Everything I've done in my career has prepared me for this role," said Veralyn. "In my journey from newsroom intern to reporter-producer to executive producer, I've always asked hard questions about race and identity. (And yes, I did my requisite inquiry on the N-Word back in 2006. It still holds up, if I do say so myself.) I'm extremely excited to get a chance to lead journalists who find fresh and nuanced ways to tell stories that explain how we live together."

Steve notes, "After five deeply rewarding years with Code Switch, I'm eager to get to work on some new projects with the Education Team and with some broader initiatives within the newsroom, while still having the opportunity to be involved with Code Switch. It's been so exciting to see the new ideas and new directions Veralyn and the team are taking, and I'll look forward to being a part of it."

Please join us in thanking Steve for his incredible contribution to Code Switch's success and congratulating Veralyn on her new role.


Anya, Edith, and Yolanda